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​Tomoki Nishino

​Based in Kyoto & Osaka
By drawing a human face in an art work surrounded by patterns,
I seek to symbolize the repeated fate, sin or somber of human beings.
I ​impart strong attraction on my artworks with detailed patterns by curve lines and graphical colors.
The colors that do not match each other generate comfortable discord.
It is essential to guide the route of eyes on art works by patterns & creative color arranging.
​My art works are based on these viewpoints.
While I studied International Relations in University, 
​I visited Portland in Oregon for study abroad, and met Indian art & history which attracted me a lot.
​I became to be interested in taking elements of indigenous art such as Aborigine or Ainu into my art works.
These experiences and interests on the art set me off seeking the visual expressions by using patterns.
I have been familiar with the artists of Art Nouveau 
and historical & cultural background of circle window of Genko-An 
(one of the temples in Kyoto, Japan) for seeking the perfect structure and concept of my art.
These experiences effect on my style of art. 


​I ​learned oil paintings in my hometown

(Tokushima prefecture) under a teacher of oil painting.


​Kyoto : 1st solo exhibition at Kashiya 


​Kyoto : 2nd solo exhibition at Gallery Kitano

Kyoto : Group exhibition at Kyoto Write-S

​Kyoto : 3rd solo exhibition at nonamoni bar.

Kyoto :  Talens Japan prize at Kyoto Art Messe 

I participated in Kyoto Art Council


Kyoto : 4th solo exhibition at cafe MM in Kyoto Manga Museum.

Kyoto : Group exhibition at Gallery  TAJIRO

Kyoto : Group exhibition  by Kyoto Art Council


Kyoto : Group exhibition by Kyoto Art Council

Kyoto : Group exhibition by LINK project

​Kyoto : 5th solo  exhibition at Gion Gallery Yasaka 


Kyoto : Group exhibition by Kyoto Art Council

​Kyoto : Group exhibition by Artists Union

Osaka: 6th solo exhibition at Sot Coffee Roaster


Osaka: Group exhibition 

Osaka: Group exhibition


Kyoto: 7th solo exhibition at Taigado Gallery


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